Can CBD Improve My Dogs Health? Canine Arthritis & Canine Epilepsy


CBD or cannabidiol has become a common part of everyday family life and is safe and effective for the most active, healthy adults as well as elderly, less mobile family members. But what about family members of the canine variety? If you have ever wondered whether CBD might help your dog and are looking for more resources around this area, this blog is for you.

Why Use Pet CBD Oil?

There are many reasons why you may seek CBD Pet Oil. Some of the most common things people are searching for regarding their pets include:

  • Soothing dogs during travel
  • Help with Separation Anxiety
  • Pain from aging, Arthritis, and other conditions
  • Appetite and Nausea
  • Seizures related to Epilepsy

Pet Anxiety and Appetite

Although much research is currently taking place around how CBD specifically helps dogs and other pets, more study is needed. However, dog owners have anecdotally reported that many of these conditions improved with the use of CBD. Below we will outline some research that pet tincture may help with several major canine diseases.

Our pet tincture is simple to use and is easily mixed into food or applied directly by mouth. Speak to your vet if a particular condition is an ongoing problem, worsens, or any new symptoms arise in your dog's health.


Common Canine Diseases and Hemp Oil Studies

Canine Epilepsy & CBD 

Canine Epilepsy is the most common neurological disorder seen in dogs according to the AKC and affects one in every hundred dogs. The condition is caused by genetics, abnormal structures in the brain, or for unknown reasons.

Canine Epilepsy symptoms are largely seizures, which can present themselves in two ways, as generalized seizures, which affects both halves of the body, or focal seizures that impact specific parts of the body.

During a seizure, the symptoms may include twitching in the body, defecation, urination, eye dilation, vomiting, and many others. For the dog, a seizure can be confusing or even cause panic, but it is also painful for the owner who must watch as their dog loses control of its body. It can be quite a disruptive illness since the seizures can come at any time.

Sadly, many dog’s seizures remain unaffected by current drug therapies, which is called Intractable Epilepsy.

In 2019, a study was conducted on Intractable Idiopathic Epilepsy by Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. The study showed promise for treating Canine Epilepsy with CBD.

The clinical trial included 26 dogs with Epilepsy that did not respond to traditional medication. The dogs were randomly assigned to a CBD treatment or placebo group. Those who were administered CBD were on the therapy for twelve weeks.

89% of the dogs treated with CBD showed a reduction in seizure frequency compared with the placebo-treated dogs. According to the researcher that led the study, “We saw a correlation between how high the levels of CBD were in these dogs with how great the seizure reduction was.”

In addition, in the published report in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, “No adverse behavioral effects were reported by owners.” Although the research in this area is only in the preliminary stages, it’s an exciting beginning for cannabidiol and pet research.


Canine Arthritis and CBD

Did you know that one in five dogs will have arthritis in their lifetime? Even worse, arthritis can affect multiple joints in the body, causing even greater damage.

Such a common disease can begin early in a dog's development. Sometimes, early symptoms can be confused with growing pains, including being less playful than usual and more clumsy/awkward in their movements.

Unfortunately, certain breeds are more prone to this disease. Many dogs suffer from arthritis symptoms, which include a lack of mobility, pain, depression, and many other symptoms.

Anecdotally, people with arthritis and other conditions have reported a decrease in inflammation and pain when taking CBD, as well as an increase in joint mobility. But does CBD help dogs with their arthritis?

There have been several studies around Canine Arthritis in recent years. These have shown promise in managing pain and increasing mobility in dogs. One such study included 22 dogs from Cornell University Hospital for Animals. Dogs included in the study had X-ray evidence of arthritis and either lameness or painful joints.

The study was randomized, placebo-controlled, and double-blind for both the owner and the vet. Dogs with arthritis were administered either CBD or a placebo for four weeks.

After four weeks of treatment, the study found that CBD oil increases comfort and activity in the home environment, as well as more favorable vet assessments of pain.

In addition, the study found “no observed side effects of the treatment” at the doses they administered for the month-long period. The study acknowledged that the long term effects of CBD on dogs needs further research, but the short term effects of hemp oil treatment appear to be positive.


Is CBD Safe for my Dog? 

In many recently published studies, only mild to no side effects have been reported in connection to CBD and dogs.

In the Cornell University Hospital study listed above, there were no observed side effects to the CBD treatment. In the Colorado State University study listed above, no adverse behavioral side effects were reported by the owners of the dogs treated.

Research is currently still needed around the long-term side effects of CBD in both humans and animals. Overall, CBD appears to be a relatively safe and useful tool when purchased from reputable companies, used correctly, and in conjunction with regular veterinary care.

THC-Free Care

Did you know that any amount of THC can cause harm to your dog? One issue many don’t think about is even the smallest amount of THC can cause problems. Hemp tincture legally must contain less than 0.3% THC, but including any amount of THC in a tincture or otherwise can intoxicate your dog. Intoxication symptoms may include changes in heartbeat, disorientation, and other uncomfortable conditions for your dog.

With this in mind, Strength of Hope has ensured that our CBD Pet Oil Tincture is 100% THC-free. We also do third-party testing on each of our products, including our CBD Pet Oil, to ensure safety and potency. Don’t take our word for it, though! Our test results are available at the bottom of each page.

Talk to your Vet

Needless to say, if your dog or other pet is suffering from pain, inflammation, or other conditions, it’s incredibly important to stay in communication with your vet. Your vet can help assess the extent of your dog’s health conditions, as well as make treatment recommendations. We strongly encourage you to speak to and to collaborate with your vet for any treatment you administer to your pet.

Determining Your Pet’s CBD Dose

While we offer dosing guidelines on our Pet CBD Oil page, you may consider speaking to your vet to help determine the best dosage of CBD for their relevant conditions.

For several of the studies above, conditions such as Arthritis and Epilepsy may warrant higher doses, whereas more mild conditions, symptoms, or anxieties may take a smaller amount. The dosing is also weight dependent.

We recommend starting with the smallest possible dose and waiting several hours to determine effects before administering more tincture. Determining your dog’s dosage and timing is a trial and error process that can take a few weeks to get right.

With proper dosing, communication with your vet, and patience, CBD may help your pet, especially when their condition/symptoms are resistant to training or traditional medications.


Strength of Hope for Pets

Strength of Hope Pet CBD Oil is rich in only the most high-quality cannabidiol oil. Our Hemp CBD oil is blended with MCT oil, as well as Stevia, making a delicious experience for your pet.

Each one-ounce bottle of pet oil tincture comes with either 250 mg or 500 mg CBD, tested by a third party for safety, and to assure potency. Our CBD Pet Oil contains absolutely no THC, which can be harmful to dogs. We also include our third-party testing results at the bottom of the page here, for your peace of mind.

Our Strength of Hope Pet CBD Oil was created to complement your pet’s self-care and veterinary regimen. Are you on the fence about our Pet CBD Oil or want to learn more? Click the “Learn” tab on our website to learn more about hemp and CBD. We hope you’ll consider trying our premium hemp products for the whole family.

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