CBD and Christmas: How to Use CBD This Holiday Season


Holiday lights, cheerful music, family time, delicious food and drinks, what’s not to love about the Christmas season? Of course, that isn’t to say that this time of the year doesn’t come with a few bumps in the road.

When you face some holiday obstacles – whether it be stress from hosting guests or the inability to fall asleep because you haven’t bought everything on your shopping list – you may be able to turn to a hemp CBD tincture or another CBD product for a little bit of help and relaxation. While CBD and Christmas might seem like an odd pair, it can actually be a perfect match.

The Common Misconceptions About CBD

Of course, if you whip out a CBD oil at your annual family gathering or give a CBD cream to your niece as her holiday gift, you may get a few questions from dubious relatives. There’s still a lot of confusion about CBD in the general public, and some people might have the wrong idea about what exactly it is. With that in mind, let’s clear up a few things about CBD.

First things first: no, CBD will not get you high. While it is often confused with THC – which is another type of cannabinoid heavily concentrated in the marijuana plant – CBD does not have psychoactive effects.

While tiny amounts of THC can be found in the hemp plant, federally legal hemp and CBD products must contain no more than 0.3% THC. This very small amount is not enough to get you high. By the way, Strength of Hope products contain absolutely zero THC, so you can tell any skeptical relatives not to worry. 

It’s also worth noting that, yes, CBD is legal in the US. The legality of THC and marijuana varies from state to state, but on the federal level, CBD and hemp with no more than 0.3% THC are legal to use and sell.


Get Some Hangover Relief

Did you know you can use CBD for hangovers? If you overindulged in eggnog or added a particularly heavy pour to your holiday cocktails, CBD may be able to help you find a bit of relief so that you can get right back to your Christmas celebrations.

CBD may help minimize two of the most unpleasant characteristics of a hangover: nausea and headaches. One 2011 study found that CBD may work as an antiemetic, helping you reduce feelings of nausea. The study claims that this may be due to CBD’s ability to manipulate the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating a variety of physiological processes in the body.

If you’re not familiar with the endocannabinoid system, here is a quick rundown. It consists of neurotransmitters called endocannabinoids (which are cannabinoids naturally produced in your body) as well as receptors that interact with those endocannabinoids. They work together to communicate with different areas of the body to maintain homeostasis.

Research has shown a link between your body’s endocannabinoid system and the parts of the brain that control nausea. The study mentioned above found that, when introduced to the body, CBD can attach to certain receptors to block the feelings of nausea.

It’s okay if you’re not into all of this scientific jargon. Research is still ongoing on CBD’s effects on nausea, but in short, it may help you get rid of (or at least minimize) that uncomfortable queasy feeling!

Now let’s look at another dreaded part of hangovers: headaches. Alcohol is a diuretic and contributes to dehydration, which results in an inflammatory response in the body. While more studies need to be done on the direct link between CBD and headaches, this study investigates CBD's possible use as an anti-inflammatory to help reduce pain.


If you end up drinking a little bit too much this holiday season, consider trying CBD for hangovers. Give a Hemp (CBD) oil a shot to reduce your symptoms – and be sure to drink a lot of water to fight off dehydration, too.


Ate a Few Too Many Christmas Cookies? Use CBD for Overeating Discomfort

We’ve all been there: we see a spread of holiday desserts and treat ourselves to one (or two) of everything. While it’s fun initially, the ensuing discomfort isn’t exactly enjoyable. Luckily, you may find some relief by using CBD for overeating.

One study found that when mice with intestinal inflammation were given CBD oil, it helped relieve inflammation and pain. Another 2011 review saw similar results, finding that CBD may work as an anti-inflammatory agent, helping to reduce some of the intestinal symptoms of IBS.

What does this mean for some simple holiday overindulgences? In short, this review suggests that CBD may help reduce some of the pain and inflammation in the digestive system caused by overeating.

The research around CBD and digestion, pain, and inflammation are in the early stages. Remember, CBD is not intended to treat any disease, including IBS, and research is ongoing into these concerns.

If you go a little too crazy with pies, hot chocolate, cookies, and other sweets, you might try CBD for overeating to relieve some of that discomfort.

CBD Mints as Stocking Stuffers

Sure, everyone loves candy canes, but let’s put a little twist on this Christmas tradition. CBD mints are a refreshing treat that both freshens your breath and gives you the soothing benefits of CBD. Use CBD mint tins as stocking stuffers for your loved ones so that they can enjoy a bit of calm and rejuvenation.

We’re not saying you should ditch the candy canes – they are a time-honored tradition, after all. But maybe consider adding some CBD mints to the mix as well. Strength of Hope CBD Mints come in a peppermint flavor if you want to pay homage to the traditional Christmas candy. If you’d rather mix things up, you can also try the cinnamon-flavored CBD mints.


Use CBD for a Better Night’s Sleep

Maybe you can’t get to sleep because you’re too excited waiting for Santa. Or – more likely – you can’t quite wind down after a heated discussion with a relative, or just the general stress and excitement that comes with hosting guests. Whatever the case may be, try CBD for a good night’s sleep.

A few studies have shown that CBD has promising effects when it comes to promoting relaxation and a better night’s sleep. A 2019 study found that patients who reported poor sleep experienced improved sleep quality in their first month of taking CBD. In another 2013 study, researchers found that rats experienced an increase in total sleep time after taking CBD. This was because the CBD helped increase alpha waves and decrease delta waves. 

While more studies are needed to understand CBD’s impact on sleep fully, it may help you wind down and reduce that holiday stress so that you can rest peacefully. These studies looked at internal CBD products – like hemp CBD tinctures or CBD mints – so they’ll likely be your best bet for using CBD for a better night’s sleep. 

That said, topical CBD products may also help relieve some physical tension and indirectly help you sleep soundly. Below we will go into another way to pair CBD and Christmas festivities.

Relieve Your Muscles After Your Annual Family Football Game

If your muscles are feeling a bit tired after a grueling traditional family football game – or after spending hours unsuccessfully putting together your kid’s new toys from Santa – you may want to try out a CBD rub to ease your aches and pains. Simply rub the product on any areas that are feeling sore, and let the CBD work to bring you a bit of relief.

The Strength of Hope CBD Rub contains menthol, which provides a hot and cold sensation that leads to even more relief for your muscles. Plus, it has moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin E, which will hydrate skin affected by the harsh winter weather!


CBD and Christmas: Celebrate the Holidays with Strength of Hope

Initially, CBD and Christmas may look like a strange couple, but there are plenty of ways to use this cannabinoid during the holiday season! Whether you’re buying CBD mints or oils as gifts for family and friends or stocking up on products to help you get through the holidays, CBD can be there for you this holiday season.

If you’re in need of some CBD for Christmas, take a look at some of our premium CBD products here at Strength of Hope. From hemp (CBD) oil to CBD creams, we have the stocking stuffers and products you’ll need this holiday season.