CBD Muscle Cream: Where to Find It and How to Use It


One of the most common uses for CBD oil is in a CBD muscle cream. If you’ve not used CBD oil to manage muscle pain before, we will show what to use and how to use it.

While there is a great deal of anecdotal testimony demonstrating CBD oil’s effectiveness to help people manage pain and other symptoms, we strongly encourage you to consult a trusted healthcare professional before using CBD oil products.

What Causes Muscle Pain?

Muscle pain is common among the elderly and those who are active. The causes of muscle can span from overuse to serious illness. 

If you or someone you love is experiencing an unusual amount of muscle pain, you should immediately see a doctor. Healthcare professionals can rule out serious illnesses such as fibromyalgia or Lyme disease, both known to cause muscle pain.

Muscle Strain

Many active patients experience muscle pulls and strains on a fairly regular basis. If you are an athlete or take fitness seriously, you should pay attention to your body’s limits to prevent serious injury.

That said, any good workout is bound to leave you feeling a little sore around certain muscle groups. This pain can make it difficult for you to rest or go about your normal routine. In the case of muscle strain, muscle rubs can help you manage symptoms, rest easier, and go about your day with less discomfort.


Many senior citizens develop arthritis in joints. While not technically a muscle injury, inflamed joints can strain the muscles around those joints and enhance the pain. While less common in those under 40 years old, some younger or middle-aged adults can develop arthritis in overused parts of their bodies. For example, military veterans that carried infantry duties during their service can develop arthritis in their knees, back, shoulders, and neck at a surprisingly early age.

If you have arthritis, you should consult your doctor when using CBD muscle cream for the first time. Medical professionals can help you adjust your dose and monitor results.

CBD and the Endocannabinoid System

In 1992, biologists discovered the endocannabinoid system. From what scientists know today, your endocannabinoid system is the central “machine” responsible for helping you achieve physiological homeostasis.

Physiological homeostasis is the clinical term for helping your body achieve balance, particularly in your nervous and immune systems. Those with healthy endocannabinoid systems usually enjoy better cognitive processes, stronger immunity to disease, and healthy stress levels.

CBD oil feeds your endocannabinoid receptors throughout the body. Thousands of consumers testify that CBD oil products have helped them manage a host of symptoms including, but not limited to:

  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Poor sleep
  • Skin disorders
  • Nervousness

Many people take CBD oil, not to manage symptoms, but to improve their overall health and wellness. Because CBD oil was only recently legalized in 2018, the FDA does not allow CBD brands to make unverified claims about the effects of CBD oil.

For example, CBD oil is not a treatment or a cure for any disease or ailment. Anyone suffering from unusual symptoms should consult a medical professional as soon as possible. Those with pre-existing conditions or pregnancy should also consult their doctors before using CBD oil to manage systems.

How Does Muscle Rub Work?

For many years, scores of muscle soreness products have been available over-the-counter or by a doctor’s prescription. As the name implies, muscle rubs allow you to apply pain-relieving cream to specific parts of the body where you experience soreness.

Traditional Relief for Muscle Pain

For minor discomfort, many people apply heat or ice to sore muscles. These home remedies can bring pain relief in some cases. But if the muscle pain and soreness are severe enough, you’re likely to need something stronger.

Another easy remedy that you can find at most stores is cold therapy products like Biofreeze. Popular over-the-counter solutions like Bengay are generally safe in moderation, but an increasing number of patients experience significant negative side effects after extensive use.

In severe muscle pain cases, doctors may prescribe muscle relaxers or NSAIDs. These prescription medications are known to have negative side effects, and patients using these prescriptions should do so only as directed by their physician.

CBD Muscle Balm

Similar to how you would apply Biofreeze or Bengay, CBD muscle balms allow you to apply a cream to sore areas. Many CBD muscle cream products also include natural ingredients like arnica and menthol, both known to soothe muscle pain.

The greatest benefit of CBD muscle cream is that there are no negative side effects as there are with many over-the-counter solutions or prescription medications.

How to Know Which CBD Muscle Creams are Legitimate

CBD muscle creams often come as joint and muscle creams, balms, or rubs. You can apply creams directly to areas where you feel soreness or pain. When using CBD creams for muscle pain, you should pay close attention to the product instructions.

When examining CBD creams, you can assess the quality of each product by checking the amount of CBD and THC that it contains, along with a list of other ingredients. 

Amount of CBD

CBD producers should be straightforward about how much of their product is CBD oil. Most quality CBD muscle creams contain between 10-20% CBD. 

One critical distinction that many don’t know is that hemp oil extract and CBD are the same. However, hemp seed oil extract is not the same and contains little to no CBD. Dishonest vendors may insinuate that their products are CBD from hemp seed oil extract. However, hemp seed oil products do not possess the same qualities as CBD.

Amount of THC

The federal government does not allow CBD oil products to carry more than .3% THC. As the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, THC can cause you to feel “high” and is an unnecessary ingredient in CBD muscle creams. 

Additional Ingredients

It’s common for CBD oil products – including muscle balms – to have essential oils for aroma and other natural ingredients like coconut oil and vitamins. As mentioned above, many CBD muscle balms also include arnica and menthol.

That said, no quality CBD product contains large amounts of artificial ingredients, sugar, or foreign substances.

Third-Party Testing

If you’re unfamiliar with a particular brand, it’s not always easy to tell if it is reliable. The best way to approach a new CBD brand or product is to consult third-party tests on that product. Any reputable CBD oil brand will provide you third party test results upon request. Some brands even make these tests available on their website.

Conclusion – Using CBD Muscle Cream

As you test CBD muscle cream for the first time, you can experiment with varying amounts to achieve the best results. As a reminder, be sure always to check the ingredients, consult third-party testing, and follow product directions.