CBD Oil for Eczema: Is It Real? How Does It Work?


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CBD oil for eczema relief is a fairly new approach. Thousands of positive testimonials from patients and medical professionals are leading the FDA to perform more extensive testing on one of the hottest natural ingredients to hit the market since 2018.

Eczema isn’t life-threatening, but for many, the condition is extremely uncomfortable and difficult to treat. 

“31.6 million people (10.1%) in the U.S. have some form of eczema. One in 10 individuals will develop eczema during their lifetime, with prevalence peaking in early childhood.” – National Eczema Association

In this guide, we’ll discuss how CBD oil works and how it can help you if you suffer from eczema. Finding sustainable relief is our passion here at Strength of Hope, and we strongly encourage you to consult your physician when testing alternative treatments for your condition.

Does CBD Oil Treat Eczema?

Any CBD oil brand claiming to treat eczema (or any medical condition, for that matter) is falsely advertising. CBD oil is a natural ingredient that strengthens the body’s endocannabinoid system (don’t worry – we’ll explain this in a moment).

As such, we make no claims that CBD oil can “treat” eczema. Before any particular drug or supplement becomes formal treatment, it must undergo rigorous testing from medical agencies (usually supervised by the Food and Drug Administration). 

Hemp oil extract (CBD) only became legal in 2018. Even with mounting testimonial evidence that CBD oil addresses hundreds of health issues, two years is not enough time for experts to assert anything more than that CBD oil is a safe, natural ingredient with significant anecdotal evidence to support its use as an alternative form of symptom management.

What Does “Treatment” Mean?

When a company claims that their product “treats” a particular condition, then that company must produce proof of thorough medical testing, as well as FDA approval. Additionally, the FDA may approve a substance as safe without approving it as treatment.

This critical difference means that CBD oil producers may affirm positive results for managing eczema symptoms, but it may not claim to be a treatment for eczema. If a brand claims to treat eczema, then that is not a brand you should trust.

Consulting Your Doctor

We at Strength of Hope are fully aware of the negative side effects of traditional prescription medicine. That’s why we invest in CBD oil solutions and encourage you to consult your doctor about safe alternative methods for managing your eczema symptoms.

Physiological Homeostasis

When considering CBD oil for eczema or other medical issues, it’s important to understand physiological homeostasis

Physiological homeostasis is the scientific terminology for your body being in perfect balance. On its own, your body takes care of itself. But as external factors – pollution, stress, injuries, poor diet, etc. – start to wage war on your body, your physiological homeostasis can be compromised.

Your endocannabinoid system exists to help you achieve physiological homeostasis as efficiently as possible. While some popular drugs can help select patients return to a state of physical balance, most patients experience too many negative side effects. In effect, one substance treats a single problem but creates several other problems in the process.

Quality CBD oil products can aid your body’s endocannabinoid system and improve your physiological homeostasis. That’s why many patients experience relief when using CBD oil for eczema.

How Can CBD Oil Help You Manage Eczema?

Doctors don’t fully understand why eczema shows up in your body, but they do know some causes. For example, many patients develop eczema after years of poor diet and stress. In other cases, eczema is genetic or comes from exposure to a foreign substance.

Regardless of how or why eczema started for you, CBD oil could help, just as it has helped thousands of other patients manage their symptoms. Here’s how it works.

Increased Hydration

Eczema produces and flourishes on dry, itchy skin. CBD oil properties can make your skin more resilient and more easily retain water. With increased hydration, eczema symptoms may subside, lowering your discomfort and restoring your skin’s appearance.

Relieving Itching and Pain

As mentioned above, CBD oil can improve your skin’s ability to retain water. This benefit causes your skin to itch less and could even lower or eliminate eczema pain.

General Health and Wellness

What your body needs more than anything else is a healthy lifestyle. That means that you should maintain a reasonably healthy diet, remain active, and lower your stress. 

Because CBD oil assists your endocannabinoid system, it can increase your general health and wellness. Many patients take CBD oil for eczema and other health and wellness reasons, such as improving their sleep or remaining calm during the day.

CBD Oil for Eczema: How Does It Work?

It is not a mystery how CBD oil works, even though it is a fairly new product on the market. Your body has the amazing ability to absorb healthy ingredients and convert them into naturopathic remedies.

Your Endocannabinoid System

Your body has endocannabinoid receptors that receive CBD oil and send its natural ingredients through your entire body. When your endocannabinoid system receives a “boost,” your entire body moves toward physiological homeostasis. 

That’s why CBD oil can help you manage eczema symptoms. With a strong endocannabinoid system, your body can achieve the kind of balance that immediately reduces the negative effects of certain medical conditions.

Topical CBD Oil Creams

The most common way to apply CBD oil for eczema is a topical cream. You can use a CBD oil roll-on product or manually apply the cream from a container of CBD oil balm.

Depending upon the severity of your eczema symptoms, you will need to try different amounts of CBD application before finding your ideal dose. Make sure that you follow product instructions carefully. Also, make your doctor aware of your doses so that they can help you monitor results.

CBD Oil Tinctures

Though a less common way to manage eczema symptoms, ingesting CBD oil from a tincture product can still provide positive results. By applying CBD oil drops under your tongue, the oil moves throughout your body, feeding your endocannabinoid receptors.

Using CBD oil tinctures may be a better solution if your eczema covers large parts of your body, and it is not reasonable to apply a CBD oil cream over those large areas. You may also want to use CBD oil to manage more than your eczema, such as lowering stress or managing pain unrelated to eczema.

Why Would CBD Oil Not Work for Eczema?

Some eczema patients see amazing results once they start using CBD oil to manage their symptoms. At the same time, other patients see little to no results. So what’s the difference?

Poor Quality Product

Many CBD brands dilute their product with other ingredients (many of them toxic!). To protect yourself from poor quality products, make sure that the CBD brand provides third-party testing for all their products.

Severe Eczema Cases

If your eczema symptoms are serious enough, CBD oil may not produce any noticeable effects. That’s why you should collaborate with your doctor on the best remedy (which may include CBD oil) to treat your eczema sustainably.

Every Individual is Different

Even in traditional medicine, some prescriptions work for one patient and don’t work for another. Because every individual is different, not every person will experience the same CBD oil results.

CBD Oil for Eczema – A Recap

If you or someone you love suffers from eczema, you’re not alone. Using CBD oil for eczema may be exactly what you need to manage your symptoms without the negative side effects. For more ideas to help you reduce dry skin, and discoloration check out our CBD product selection.