Common Questions About CBD and Cats


Cats are a strange and remarkably independent kind of pet compared to other pets you might consider, such as dogs, birds, or reptiles. Sometimes a cat will come and cuddle when their human calls, and other times cats seem to tune out the fact their owner even exists. 

If you have a cat, you are already aware of this fact, but even the most fiercely independent felines could use some additional care outside the occasional, begrudging pat. Caring for a cat begins with quality cat food and regular vet care, but you might be asking yourself how CBD may benefit your cat. 

If you have questions around CBD for your cat, you’ve come to the right place. This blog will go over some common questions around cats, CBD, safety, and pet health, as well as how to administer CBD to your pet. 

Why Use Pet CBD Oil Tincture?

There are many reasons why you may seek out CBD for your cat. Some of the most common things people are searching for regarding their pets include:

  • Soothing cats during travel
  • Pain from aging, Arthritis, and other conditions
  • Appetite and Nausea
  • Relief from Cancer symptoms

One reason to try Strength of Hope Pet CBD Oil is it is 100% THC-Free, making it a CBD-rich option for your pet. We also use only the best quality ingredients and include the third-party testing of our products, including Pet Oil, on our website to assure potency and safety. 


Where Does Strength of Hope Pet CBD Oil Come From?

Our Strength of Hope CBD is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the Hemp plant. This is where the Hemp (CBD) oil in our Pet Oil and the rest of our line comes from.

Hemp plants are technically Cannabis Sativa, but Hemp is grown specifically to be low THC, unlike their psychoactive counterparts. The legal limit of THC to qualify as hemp is 0.3% THC. Strength of Hope’s Pet Oil, however, is 100% THC-Free, making it a more sensible solution for those who would prefer to have no psychoactive component in their CBD products. For more information on Hemp and CBD, check out this quick intro.

How Do I Know What a Quality CBD Oil is for My Cat?

First, ensure you are getting a CBD-rich product. There is a lot of mislabeling out there, including labeling hemp seed oil as hemp oil, which you can read more about here.

Once you know you have Hemp (CBD) Oil, it’s also essential to look into the quality by reading the company’s third-party testing results. It’s also important to know that gas stations and convenience stores are usually the worst places to purchase CBD oil products. You can read more about other quality concerns, including more about Oregon CBD, in this handy blog.

Additionally, strongly consider purchasing a CBD oil that is THC-Free. Much CBD Hemp Oil contains 0.3% or less THC, which is a very small amount for a human user but can affect pets.

THC-Free CBD oil may be a safer option as pets are much more sensitive to THC. Our Strength of Hope CBD Pet Oil is 100% THC-free.


Can CBD Help My Cat’s Health?

CBD is not intended or proved to treat any disease or medical condition for animals. Research is in the very early stages with cats, and much is unknown about how cats absorb CBD and how it might benefit them. So far, CBD is thought to interact with animal and human endocannabinoid systems.

In veterinary medicine, this unproven state means a vet cannot prescribe or recommend CBD for a pet when it has not gone through the scientific rigors necessary to be considered a treatment. The research data just isn’t there yet.

Anecdotally, owners of pets have reported benefits of using CBD as part of their pet’s self-care regimen. Often, pet owners are trying to help their pets with issues such as anxiety and pain that have resisted treatment.

In 2019, a clinical study was conducted on dogs with Intractable Idiopathic Epilepsy. Intractable, in this case, means that the condition is resistant to medication.

The research was conducted at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. The study showed promise for treating Canine Epilepsy with CBD as well as the owners of the dogs reported “No adverse behavioral effects.”

What does this mean for cats? We just don’t know yet. However, the potential for treatment in dogs has come far, and we hope to see more clinical studies around CBD and cats in the future.

Can My Cat Get High From CBD?

CBD, unlike its THC counterpart, is not psychoactive. This means that your cat absolutely cannot get high from consuming CBD. In addition, our Pet CBD Oil is 100% THC-free, so they will not get high there either.

However, some CBD hemp oil brands for pets contain the legal hemp limit of 0.3% THC or below, which may be somewhat psychoactive for cats. We recommend always reading the ingredient list and the third-party testing information for any CBD you are considering administering to your pet.


Does Pet CBD Oil Contain THC?

No, Our Strength of Hope Pet Oil and all our products are 100% THC-Free. Don’t take our word for it, though! Check out our third-party testing results for any of our products, including CBD Pet Oil, here.

Keep in mind when looking for CBD for pets that although THC’s legal limit in hemp is below 0.3% THC, even the smallest amount can affect your pet.

Although cannabis is not necessarily toxic to felines, it can make them very uncomfortable for the night. Some symptoms of cannabis intoxication in cats include elevated or slowed heart rate and breathing, disorientation, dilated pupils, and even vomiting.

Is CBD Safe for My Cat?

Although research is just beginning around CBD and pets, preliminary studies have revealed so far that short-term CBD dosing appears to be safe for cats. According to the conclusion drawn from this clinical trial, “CBD appears to be relatively safe in healthy populations of dogs and cats.”

From the current research, it appears that CBD is safe for dogs and cats, though much is unknown about long-term dosing. Cat and CBD research is in its earliest days, but we are excited to learn more about it as research continues in the future.

What Ingredients Does CBD Pet Oil Contain?

The ingredients in our CBD Pet Oil for dogs and cats are simple. Each one-ounce bottle of tincture includes either 250 or 500 mg of CBD from Hemp Extract, MCT Coconut Oil, and Vanilla/Stevia for taste. That’s it. Our Pet Oil Formula is CBD-rich and also happens to be THC-Free.

How Do I Dose Pet Oil for Cats?

Before each use of Pet Oil, shake well. The amount you want to administer to your pet is based on weight. Consider starting with the smallest possible dose to determine the best effects for your pet, and give it several hours to kick in before readministering.

For cats, we recommend our 250 mg bottle. Start with the lowest dose per ten pounds, or about 10% of a dropper, and adjust as necessary. You can read further information and instructions on our Pet Oil Tincture page. 


Talk to your Vet

Cats age faster than humans, and because of this, regular veterinary care is essential to take the best care of your pet. Even when a cat appears to be healthy, things can go wrong in a shorter period of time than you might expect. 

If your cat is suffering from pain, inflammation, or other conditions, it’s essential to speak to your vet so they can evaluate your cat’s overall health and talk to you about options for treatments. We strongly encourage you to speak to and to collaborate with your vet for anything you administer to your pet. 

Keep in mind vets often cannot prescribe or recommend CBD. This is because it has not been tested extensively enough to be included in veterinary medicine. 

More Questions About CBD and Pets?

If you have any questions about CBD and pets, please feel free to drop us a line on Facebook or visit our contact page. We’d love to hear from you! You might also consider checking out our blog about CBD, dogs, and common health conditions or our “Learn” tab to learn more about CBD and Hemp.