Does CBD Oil Ease Symptoms of Pain, Arthritis, Cancer and Other Injury?


Cannabidiol oil, better known as CBD oil, has swiftly become one of the most popular alternatives to treat various stressors and issues in recent years. While many of our clients have used our products to help them cope with potential symptoms related to injury, arthritis and cancer, more research is still needed to be done to conclusively determine if the extracts from cannabis plants are actually effective for treating pain and inflammation. No CBD company should ever claim that CBD cures any form of chronic illnesses, disorders and cancer, unless they’ve done the research and have received approval from the FDA to showcase their findings. At the time of this article, no company has the approval for this.

What are the Benefits of CBD Oil for Pain Related to Illness or Injury?

Currently, the mechanisms which are responsible for CBD’s encouraging health benefits are not entirely understood but the compound may be able to help the body produce its own natural cannabinoids which connect to the body’s own endocannabinoid system that is directly responsible for controlling the body’s pain response and the effects of inflammation. While our clients have found some relief for their symptoms with our CBD Hemp Extract products, we advise that you speak with a healthcare provider who may suggest they be used as an adjunct to medications, rather than a first-line treatment. Never stop treatment or medications before consulting with a healthcare professional.

Many of our clients have found success for pain with the help of topical and consumable CBD products. CBD oil in particular has been effective at managing their symptoms and a simple Google search may help reveal why. Here are a few things you may find helpful to know when it comes to using CBD oil for pain management: 

  • Can it Reduce Pain and Inflammation Due to Arthritis and Injury?
    CBD oil may have an effect on your brain’s receptors which may help you manage pain. Your endocannabinoid system, or cell-signaling system and immune system contain tiny receptors which are essentially proteins that are attached to your cells. These receptors receive chemical signals from different stimuli and help your corresponding cells respond. This type of response creates a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect that the endocannabinoid system controls. Again, no CBD company should ever specifically state that their products can reduce chronic pain and inflammation due to arthritis or injury.

  • Can it Ease Pain and Nausea Related to Chemotherapy?
    Some of our clients with cancer have found our CBD products to be helpful when it comes to minimizing the sickness symptoms associated chemotherapy treatments. Some of these side effects include pain, nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite. A lot of research still needs to be done surrounding CBD and anything cancer-related. Once again, no CBD company should ever specifically state that their products can cure or shrink cancerous tumors, as we just don’t know enough about the effects CBD may or may not have on cancer.

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As it stands, CBD products are unregulated and often imported, so it can be difficult to know exactly what you’re getting, especially if it is your first time purchasing them. Additionally, it is important to understand your state’s laws before buying or taking CBD oil and other CBD infused products. To help you avoid making a potentially costly error, do your research and find a company you can trust to provide you with legitimate CBD products like the ones supplied by us at Strength of Hope. Since we first started, our goal has been to make CBD Hemp Extract products that were accessible for all without sacrificing high-quality ingredients. After several years, we have successfully maintained this commitment and are proud to carry a wide-range of natural CBD products that help your body heal itself.

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