God Friended Us and We’re So Thankful

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In this Season of Thanks, we share why we are thankful.

When we made the decision that Strength of Hope Pure Hemp Extract should begin a series of Blogs, we made the decision that the #1 focus of our blogs should be education, safety and science.

Yet, the focus to me also needs to be more than education—but, also about health and wellness, lifestyle, benefits, and people, too. Strength of Hope is clean, natural, incredibly powerful, pure Hemp Extract. But it’s so much more.

It’s the strength necessary to hold onto hope for a better tomorrow.

That’s the pure power of what’s inside our products. And, what’s inside the people who trust them.

That’s why we say, welcome to better.

We are so thankful to be a part of this incredible community.

A few months ago, I happened upon a television show called “God Friended Me” that airs on CBS.

The title of the television show struck me at that time, and has stayed with me, knowing that it applied to all of us at Strength of Hope, and to many of our customers. The television show, of course, isn’t real, it’s made for entertainment and is scripted.  But for Strength of Hope, I actually, I believe God friended us, not literally on Facebook, but as people and as a company that manufactures a naturally-crafted product that gives so much relief.

In this Season of Giving Thanks, I realized why we are so thankful. As two of the founders of Strength of Hope, my husband and I were approaching retirement. My husband had been injured on the job and was no longer working in his career. We both could possibly have “retired,” but instead were guided into the world of Hemp Extract. We were looking for an alternative to the heavy medications available for his pain and the stress that resulted from it.

We found Hemp Extract. The more we researched Hemp, the more we realized the importance of the Hemp Extract.

The problem was that it was difficult at that time to find scientifically formulated, truly tested and safe products, that were what they advertised.

Another reason we are thankful is that our son and his wife approached us about starting a Hemp Extract business. They were in their late twenties then and understood our frustration to find the right products. I knew how important Hemp was to the boomer population, but they brought the perspective of the millennials, who love that it is natural and want products with purity without complicated ingredients. They want the products to be naturally what they are.

When I say God friended us, I don’t believe in coincidences; I believe things happen with a guided purpose. Suddenly we found ourselves surrounded by scientists, pharmacists, physicians, hemp industry experts, friends and family—all interested in helping us create Strength of Hope. And, almost as suddenly, we had national retail distributors and many hemp industry partners; we were selling in stores as CVS, ShopRite, Big Roy’s and other retail chains, independent pharmacies, and natural food stores; and suddenly we had an amazing customer clientele telling us how they love our products and the results they get from them—saying that they had taken back their lives and now had hopes, dreams, love and laughter.

We are so thankful for the extraordinary people who surround Strength of Hope products and for this truly wonderful opportunity to help others.

I am also so thankful my husband and I didn’t retire!

Most of all, we are thankful for our amazing customers!

We hope you all have a warm and wonderful, family-filled Thanksgiving!

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