Managing Sprained Knee Pain with CBD Oil Products


Strengthofhope - Sprained Knee Pain

Like most knee injuries, sprained knees are painful, inconvenient, and – if left untreated – can result in more serious injuries. In some cases, knee sprains can be so painful that it is difficult to sleep or rest comfortably.

CBD oil products are helping many sprained knee patients relieve their pain and discomfort. That said, we at Strength of Hope strongly urge to seek medical attention should you endure any knee injury. Your doctor can help you monitor CBD results and follow-up with critical testing if your knee pain grows more severe.

What is a Knee Sprain?

Your knee houses an intricate web of ligaments, joints, and bone. A sprained knee occurs when you overextend one or more of your knees’ ligaments. While not the most serious knee injury, a sprained knee can be extremely painful and contribute to other conditions, such as arthritis of the knee.

Minor knee sprains usually take a few weeks to heal completely. A severely sprained knee may require corrective surgery and take several months to fully heal.

What Should You Do If You Sprain Your Knee?

If you experience any sharp pain in the knee, you should consult your physician immediately. While a sprained knee means that you’ve only stretched your ligaments, ignoring the pain could result in torn ligaments or worse.

Upon closer inspection, your doctor can determine where the sprain took place – front (ACL), back (PCL), inside (MCL), or outside (LCL). Your doctor may recommend or prescribe various drugs or supplements to help you manage the pain and reduce inflammation.

Common Ways to Relieve Pain from a Sprained Knee

Doctors don’t usually apply casts on sprained knees unless they feel that a more serious injury may occur. Your doctor may recommend a brace (especially if you must move around during recovery), but most of the time, he/she will prescribe pain relief medication and rest.

CBD oil is a fairly new approach to pain relief on the market. The government legalized hemp oil extract (CBD) after medical professionals lobbied for its nutritional qualities and distinguished it from its psychoactive cousin, THC or marijuana. Since CBD’s legal production and sale began in 2018, thousands insist that CBD oil products help them manage many symptoms, including pain.

However, most doctors are still recommending traditional drugs. The problem is that many drugs on the market produce negative – even dangerous – side effects.

Over the Counter

Ibuprofen, aspirin, and acetaminophen are among the more well-known over-the-counter drugs to help you manage sprained knee pain and inflammation. While most of these over-the-counter drugs are relatively harmless (compared to prescription drugs), taking too many of any product can harm your liver.

If over-the-counter drugs aren’t strong enough to help you manage the pain, many doctors opt for stronger measures that involve injections or prescription medication.


Corticosteroids and Viscosupplementation are the most common form of knee injections. These drugs reduce pain and swelling, and they may even improve knee function. However, most injection treatments require you to receive injections on a weekly or monthly basis.

Additionally, Corticosteroids and Viscosupplementation are famous for producing such negative side effects as leg swelling, glaucoma, mental/emotional health disorders, and more. Extended injection treatments could also weaken your bone structure (osteoporosis) and heart.

Prescription Medication

Before opioid addiction reached national attention, many doctors prescribed opioid drugs for those suffering from moderate or severe sprained knees. 

And even though most doctors in the U.S. have stopped prescribing opioids, replacement pain relief drugs such as NSAIDs and COX-2 also have known side effects. These side effects include heart issues and bleeding in the stomach.

How CBD Oil is Different from Traditional Medicine

CBD oil is a natural ingredient with many health and wellness benefits, including pain management. For many sprained knee patients, CBD oil products reduce swelling, raise their overall sense of calm, and reduce their pain.

Most importantly, CBD oil has no known negative side effects. That said, we encourage you to consult your doctor when taking CBD oil for your knee pain to monitor results and help you adjust your dose.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Managing Knee Pain?

CBD oil is not a drug. Rather, it feeds your endocannabinoid system and can help your body achieve balance and take better care of itself. Nutrition experts refer to this “balance” as physiological homeostasis.

As a safe ingredient for managing symptoms and improving general wellness, CBD oil does not artificially manipulate your body’s immune or self-care responses to treat symptoms. While some patients report better results than others, there is little chance that quality CBD oil products will harm a sprained knee.

That said, non-third-party-test CBD oil products may contain additional ingredients that are not healthy. It’s important that you check a product’s list of ingredients and only purchase CBD oil from brands that you trust.

The Best CBD Oil Products for Sprained Knee

Topical Cream

Many CBD oil brands – including Strength of Hope – produce creams and balms for you to rub on places where you feel pain. For those suffering from a sprained knee, we have two kinds of hemp extract products: an arnica joint and muscle cream and a menthol joint and muscle cream.

When applying a CBD oil topical cream for the first time, pay close attention to the directions. You can adjust your dose for best results.

Oil Tincture

CBD oil tinctures allow you to place drops underneath your tongue. These drops send the CBD oil through your whole body and provide general endocannabinoid support. While the oil tincture method is usually more common for those wanting to reduce stress or improve overall health, it can still help you manage swelling and pain in specific parts of your body – in this case, your knee.

In Conclusion

Any injury to the knee can become serious if it is not already. After a knee sprain, you must keep your knee still and seek medical attention. There are many difficult traditional pain management solutions to reduce swelling and pain. CBD oil can help you manage your pain and empower your endocannabinoid system to fight swelling without traditional prescription medication’s negative side effects.

At Strength of Hope, we are passionate about your wellbeing. As such, we consult medical experts and third-party testing to produce some of the best CBD oil products on the market.