Part 1: The Importance of Ingredients in Hemp Extract Topical Products

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Far too often, in the world of Hemp Extract products, things get overcomplicated. This causes confusion and skepticism. Our philosophy is different: we take extreme efforts to minimize, selecting only the ingredients of the highest standards based upon science and research. To put it plainly, we don’t add non-essentials.

There is a reason for this. As with any product you are putting on your body, or in your system, it interacts with you. Is the interaction safe? Do the ingredients interact with each other, creating a harmful result? Are the ingredients themselves pure and safe? Do the ingredients have results that they are advertised to do? Will they interact differently with medications? Do they affect medications and how they work?

All of these things are so important, yet we don’t often really get this information. Yes, usually we do get a list of the ingredients, and sometimes we get a pamphlet insert that is scientific and lengthy, full of warnings, and almost impossible to understand.

Products created from Hemp are touted to be a natural alternative to traditional medicines. What does that really mean and are all of the ingredients utilized natural and effective in whatever they are claiming? Is it smart to just assume that this is so, even if separately the ingredients say they are “Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)” by the FDA?

From the beginning, at Strength of Hope, we made the decision that our products would be. We use our products personally; they are used by our friends and family, and shared with their friends. They are trusted by our customers, too, and that’s a huge responsibility.

That’s why we say “less is more.” We believe simplicity allows our products to be naturally what they are.

We research and third party test our formulations. Every time we manufacture any product we sell, the formulated manufacture batch is tested. And the test results for each is posted on our website: In fact, watch for a related blog we will soon post on “How to read the third-party lab results for Hemp Extract products.

Of course, the first product utilized in Hemp Extract products is just that: Hemp Extract. Because there are so many questions about Hemp Extract we have an upcoming post dedicated to this primary ingredient.

Now, I’ve mentioned that Strength of Hope, when it comes to ingredients, keeps it minimal. For our topical products, I want to begin by talking about WHAT IS NOT IN OUR PRODUCTS. As I mentioned, our products are third-party tested — but before we test the final product, we test the Hemp Extract to be certain of several things. We test for mold, pesticides and solvents. This is really important. We need to be certain that the original hemp plant and the extract from the hemp are pure. We need to know that the Hemp used does not have pesticides from the ground or growing process. We are even concerned that a neighboring farm has not sprayed their tree farm with a pesticide that wind had carried to the Hemp farm. Thus, we test.

We also want to test for solvents. The process of extracting the hemp is critical. We need it to be clean and pure. There are many extraction processes utilized, so we test again for certainty.

And finally, we test for the potency of the Hemp Extract. This is critical for our formulations to be correct.

When it’s right, it’s right. This all goes back to our beginnings, when we said product safety was a requirement.

Another thing that we DO NOT have in our topical products is Water.

Strength of Hope topical products do not contain water - most do.

The problem with creams and lotions with water in them is that bacteria can grow in them, causing possible skin problems and a short shelf-life. If water is present, then preservatives and antimicrobial agents generally must be added.

The commonly used preservatives are not natural and can have unwanted side effects. Several of the preservatives used are toxic and others can even have life-threatening side-effects.

Artificial preservatives such as benzoates, BHT, BHA, formaldehyde, nitrates, parabens, sulfites, sorbates, and others can cause health problems as allergies, asthma, hyperactivity, hypersensitivity, neurological damage and even cancer.

If you want to know more about this, click here  or check out the source listed below.

We do include all-natural preservative ingredients, when appropriate. Natural preservatives are contained in some plants and minerals and can provide a safer alternative.

Every ingredient utilized in our formulations is researched for how it interacts with Hemp Extract to enhance the effectiveness; if it contains natural preservatives that extend the shelf life of the product; how each ingredient interacts with our bodies; and its safety. Of course, we always recommend you contact your health care provider for questions or concerns about and how it may affect your own health, as well as any interactions with medications you may be taking.

In Part 2 of The Importance of the Ingredients in Hemp Extract Topical Products we will look at the ingredients we include in our products and how they work with Hemp Extract to enhance the product.


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