Stress Relief Gifts for Holidays at Home


In 2020, this holiday season is quite different from some of the other years Americans in the US have experienced. With no signs of the COVID-19 pandemic slowing down and more people spending time social distancing, it’s no surprise that more people will be spending time at home with their household during the holidays.

For some, not being able to visit relatives feels heartbreaking, while for others, a holiday without family sounds like a welcome reprieve. Whatever the case, this holiday is a great opportunity to de-stress and reinvigorate the mind and body so we can return to our daily duties and jobs more refreshed.

With this in mind, Strength of Hope has put together a few CBD packages for the season, combining our favorite products to pamper yourself as well as your loved ones. Our holiday bundles are fantastic gifts for stress relief and a way to try new Strength of Hope CBD products while also saving money on your favorites. 

Everyone could use a little extra relaxation at the end of this year, as well as some self-care products to carry into the new year. Read on if you are curious to learn more about our holiday bundles to help de-stress, hydrate dry skin, relax tense muscles, and get some rest


CBD Skincare Benefits Bundle

Winter can be tough on the skin with the fluctuations in temperature between the dry heat indoors and the cold weather outdoors. According to Harvard Health, “Wintertime poses a special problem because humidity is low both outdoors and indoors, and the water content of the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin) tends to reflect the level of humidity around it.”

So, what’s the solution to the flaky, itchy, dry, or chapped skin problems of winter? It’s simple, moisturize! Our CBD Skincare Benefits Bundle is especially great for rehydrating skin, with the bonus of pure CBD relief that sinks in beyond skin deep and soothes tense muscles. 

Our holiday skincare bundle is packed with three potent topicals for several different use cases and paired with soothing essential oil blends. They would also make excellent stocking stuffers for Christmas, or gifts for stress relief for family and friends. 

Want to know a little bit more about what pure CBD products come in our CBD Skincare Benefits Bundle? More on that below. 


CBD Balm

Strength of Hope CBD Hemp Extract Balm is one of our longest-lasting CBD topicals; when applied correctly, it can last up to six hours! The thick CBD balm formula is deeply moisturizing and is intended to be applied directly to areas of discomfort, such as the hands, knees, and elbows.

Our CBD Balm is also incredible for muscle and joint tension anywhere on the body and soothes even as it moisturizes winter skin issues. Choose from two 250 mg CBD balm options at checkout: either a peppermint essential oil blend for a refreshing aromatherapy experience or a lavender and tea tree blend for unwinding into the evening. 

CBD Roll-On

Strength of Hope CBD Roll-On is one of our hands-free topical options that come in our Skincare Benefits Bundle. The roller-ball applicator allows this pure CBD topical to glide on smoothly and absorbs quickly where applied. 

Our 100 mg CBD Roll-On is excellent for delicate areas as well as high impact areas such as the hands, wrists, and feet. Try for tension headaches or after the gym for quick relief of sore spots. Paired with lavender and arnica for a touch of aromatherapy and fast relief, CBD Roll-On is easy to keep on hand for whenever you need it. 

CBD Spray

Strength of Hope CBD spray is a unique topical in our Skin Care Benefits Bundle to have on hand for skin with extra challenges beyond dry skin. Try it to soothe the sting of insect bites, minor burns, sunburn, and other minor first aid-related discomforts. 

Our CBD Hemp Extract Spray comes with our favorite blend of essential oils, including lavender, peppermint, geranium, eucalyptus, frankincense, and arnica. The soothing essential oils combined with the quickly absorbing CBD formula also makes it a relaxing choice for massages.


CBD Pre-Workout Bundle

With New Years’ right around the corner, more people will be working on their New Years’ resolutions, which may include a new commitment to exercising and improving overall health. With a new exercise routine, there is sure to be quite a bit of soreness over the first few weeks, leaving some to lose motivation when they have just begun.

With this in mind, we put together a CBD Pre-Workout (or Post-Workout) bundle for those wanting a little relief from tense and overworked muscles and joints.

Although CBD studies are still in the early days, some studies show a correlation between CBD use and less discomfort after exercise. For example, according to the results of this study, “CBD appears to have a significant influence on muscle soreness...when consumed immediately after strenuous exercise.” 

Whether you have just started exercising or are more athletic, our Pre-Workout Bundle is a great way to save money, and try both tincture and topical CBD options to see what works for your routine. 


CBD Oil Tincture

Strength of Hope CBD Hemp Extract Tincture is excellent as part of a pre-or post-exercise routine for whole-body relief. With 1000 mg of pure CBD (and no THC) per one-ounce bottle, this part of our pre-workout bundle is excellent for newcomers to CBD, microdosing, and is a customer favorite. CBD Oil Tincture is easy to take by mouth, starting with just a few drops, or to mix into your favorite smoothie, fruit juice, or tea. 

Our CBD Oil tincture comes with just a few simple ingredients; hemp extract, stevia/vanilla, and MCT coconut oil to boost bioavailability. If you are on a restrictive diet CBD Oil is a sugar-free, keto-friendly, and paleo-friendly way to enjoy CBD. It also makes an excellent gift for stress relief, especially for active people.

CBD Cream 

Strength of Hope CBD Cream is paired with arnica and 250 mg pure CBD to sink deep below the skin into sore joints and muscles as part of our Pre-Workout holiday bundle. Applied directly to any area of discomfort, CBD cream also absorbs quickly and helps soothe chafed skin from the gym.

Our CBD Cream is moisturizing and great for the skin and comes blended with CBD extract, shea olein, coconut oil, cocoa butter, menthol, arnica, peppermint, and tea tree. Target discomfort all over the body with this smooth-spreading CBD formula.



Strength of Hope CBD Rub is a hands-free topical option that comes in an easy-carry container that is simple to keep on hand or throw into a gym bag, purse, or backpack for your workout needs. Apply our rub anytime in hard to reach areas such as the shoulders without straining or making a mess of your hands. 

As part of our Pre-Workout Bundle, CBD Rub stands out with the hot and cold sensation of menthol combined with pure CBD hemp extract to quickly knock out discomfort. Get on with your day, or relax into the night with our CBD-rich rub.


Simply Sleep Better CBD Bundle

A regular sleep routine is something that can improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being, but with the stress of the holidays, as well as the pandemic, you might be finding it harder to get the rest you need. Sleep issues are relatively common nowadays; one in four Americans experience acute insomnia a year.

With sleep issues in mind, Strength of Hope put together a Simply Sleep Better CBD Bundle for those who could use some extra help with their nighttime routine. It would also be an excellent stocking stuffer for the adults you love who would like to relieve stress and relax before the New Year.

Our Simply Sleep Better Bundle comes with our CBD Roll-On, CBD Oil Tincture, and CBD Balm so you can combine the benefits of full-body relief and precise, topical application for your needs. 

Whether you have sleep issues or just want to tame the tension of sore muscles, the Simply Sleep Better Bundle is excellent for this holiday season and beyond. Read on to learn more about what’s inside. 


CBD Roll-On 

Strength of Hope CBD Roll-On is a simple, hands-free way to apply CBD easily as part of your nighttime routine. Paired with arnica and lavender, this formula is soothing to the senses and applies smoothly and absorbs quickly, making this a stress-free topical choice.

Try our CBD Roll-On as part of our Simply Sleep Better Bundle by rolling on the back of the neck, the temples, or anywhere else you can relieve tension while sinking into a lavender-scented sleep. It’s terrific to apply to small, delicate, or hard-to-reach areas of the body that require a little extra attention. 

CBD Oil Tincture

Our Strength of Hope CBD Hemp Extract Oil Tincture promotes a sense of full-body wellness and relaxation. Although it can be taken any time of day, a medium to high dose of CBD is ideal for nighttime as it may help benefit sleep, according to this review.  

With this purpose in mind, CBD Oil Tincture comes with 2500 mg CBD, our most potent tincture, to help promote heightened relaxation into the evening. Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of relaxation with our Simply Sleep Better Bundle; you won’t regret it!

CBD Balm 

Strength of Hope CBD Balm is a powerful, long-lasting topical that soothes away stress with a blend of essential oils and pure CBD hemp extract. Choose between two 250 mg CBD balm options at checkout. You can choose from either a peppermint essential oil blend for a refreshing daytime aromatherapy experience or a lavender and tea tree blend for unwinding into the evening. 

Try our CBD Balm anywhere on the body that feels uncomfortable, whether dry, chapped, or simply sore. Our formula is thick, super hydrating, and can last for up to six hours of relief when used correctly.


Choose the Bundle that’s right for you!

Everyone wants less stress in their lives and for holidays at home, and our gift bundles are some of the best gifts for stress relief. Help your loved ones have a better day with Strength of Hope.

If you are still on the fence about which bundle is right for you, you might try out the Simply Sleep Better CBD Bundle or our CBD Pre-Workout Bundle, as they each come with a CBD tincture and CBD topicals for full-body and targeted relief. 

For newcomers or those who would prefer not to ingest CBD, you might consider our Skincare Benefits Bundle, as it is paired with three potent topicals to apply externally. 

At Strength of Hope, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season for you and your loved ones!

Questions about CBD?

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