The CBD Oil Oregon Market – Knowing the Good from the Bad

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CBD Oil Oregon Market

Oregon is one of the many states embracing CBD oil to help residents manage pain, lower stress, and improve overall wellness. As a result, numerous CBD oil brands have flooded the Oregon consumer market, each insisting that their products are the best. 

Naturally, we at Strength of Hope feel that we are among the best, because we’ve worked diligently to provide top-quality products since our inception. But we care about consumers and place a premium on making sure that you know where and how to find the best CBD oil products in Oregon.

Truth is, the CBD oil Oregon market is vibrant and full. Many other states are experiencing the same CBD oil “craze” as hosts of new brands market to consumers.

How Did the CBD Oil Craze Start?

With the discovery of the endocannabinoid system in 1992, followed by hemp oil extract legalization in 2018, scientists and medical professionals are learning a great deal about CBD oil’s positive effect on physiological homeostasis. In other words, modern society is only beginning to understand CBD’s benefits.

While not yet an FDA-regulated industry, many states have followed the federal government’s lead and authorized the production and distribution of CBD oil products. Documented cases of improved health, including alternative symptom management for epilepsy and pain, continue to rise.  

Consumers are successfully using CBD oil products to manage symptoms from a host of different ailments. That said, we strongly encourage you to consult your doctor when using CBD oil. Your primary care physician can monitor results and help you find your ideal dosage.

Why Finding Quality CBD Oil Products is Challenging in Oregon

It’s important for Oregon consumers to understand that not every CBD oil brand monitors the extraction and production of their products closely. Some vendors buy untested oils wholesale and slap their logo on those products for mass distribution. This neglect frequently results in false advertising related to how much CBD and THC a product contains. Additionally, producers don’t always resist the urge to add other ingredients to CBD products, some of which are toxic.

So while Oregon and Portland have many CBD oil products to choose from, many lack quality. That’s why we’ve compiled third party research to help you shop for quality CBD oil products. And while we’ve tailored this guide to Oregon consumers, many of these points remain true across the United States.

The Legalization of Hemp-extracted CBD Oil

Hemp-extracted CBD oil products are a fairly recent addition to the nutritional supplement market. With the 1970 Controlled Substance Act, the DEA classified all cannabis-derived products as illegal narcotics. 

As medical opinion advocated for the benefits of hemp-extracted CBD, the federal government distinguished between marijuana – containing psychoactive THC – and hemp. The benefits and safety of CBD use diverged from the arguments against marijuana. As a result, Washington, D.C. passed the Farm Bill, more officially known as the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018.

The Farm Bill of 2018

Before 2017, the U.S. federal government lumped all cannabis-extracted substances as narcotics. But with the Farm Bill of 2018, federal authorities formally differentiated between THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) and CBD (hemp oil extract). 

Thus, the United States legalized CBD oil use, so long as THC levels remained below .3%. However, the Farm Bill didn’t automatically authorize the production and selling of CBD oil products in every state. Rather, each state decides whether or not to legalize the sale of CBD oil products.

Only three states have refused to legalize the production, transportation, and sale of CBD oil: Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota. These are the only three states to forbid the use of marijuana for any reason (medical or recreational).

CBD Oil Law in Oregon

Oregon is one of many states that have allowed CBD oil products for retail purchase. Oregon not only ranks as one of the leading states in CBD product sales, but it is also one of the strongest markets for marijuana cannabis.

Having already legalized marijuana cannabis for medical and recreational use, CBD oil Oregon producers and retailers are not under the same scrutiny as in other states. Less-conscientious CBD oil brands may allow THC levels to exceed the federal threshold of .3%, resulting in CBD users feeling similar effects to consuming marijuana.

Between increased legality and high demand, CBD oil producers have flocked to the Oregon market. New CBD oil consumers can’t always differentiate between good and bad products. 

Understanding CBD Oil Oregon Vendors

Despite a CBD oil market congested with poor quality products, many CBD brands are doing things right. The litmus test between good and bad brands often comes down to the quality of their staff, production, and marketing.

Where Can You Buy?

In Oregon, you can find CBD oil everywhere. CBD oil brands are on the shelves in gas stations, grocery stores, and drug stores. Additionally, some CBD oil producers run their own storefront, complete with extraction demonstrations and concierge-style customer service.

CBD oil brands also sell online and ship to anywhere CBD is legal. Between the shelves, storefronts, and CBD oil websites, consumers have thousands of choices. But not all of those choices are good.

Is it Better to Shop for CBD Oil Online or in Oregon Stores?

A frequent debate among dedicated CBD oil consumers is whether it is better to buy on-site or online. The reality is that there are pros and cons to both.

As a disclaimer, gas stations and convenience stores are usually the worst places to purchase CBD oil products. By and large, these products do not represent the leading CBD brands or consult third party lab tests. Oregon CBD oil consumers should steer clear of these products.

When shopping online, consumers can judge the appearance and information available on the brand’s website. Reliable CBD oil brands provide third-party lab testing information to anyone who wants to verify their products’ quality. Further, these websites provide expert-level advice from pharmacists, naturopathic doctors, and nutritionists.

For Oregon consumers that prefer a brick-and-mortar retail experience, the best place to purchase CBD oil products is from the shelves of prominent naturopathic doctors and chiropractors. These medical professionals stake their reputations on recommending the highest-quality CBD oil products for patients. More importantly, these practitioners can monitor results in their patients.

Knowing which CBD product brands are credible is the surest way to buy quality products. If you see a CBD brand with an informative website that employs a team of expert consultants, you are most likely safe. Additionally, it’s best that you lean upon results from third-party tests and the advice of your doctor.

Third Party Lab Testing

Trustworthy CBD oil brands submit to third-party testing. These testing agencies ensure that CBD extract levels are high, and THC levels are below .3%.

If a CBD vendor you’re considering does not make their third party test results available online, you can request those results from a store representative.

CBD Oil Additives

Poor quality CBD oil products contain numerous foreign substances. When in doubt, look for that product’s list of ingredients.

Beyond the typical CBD oil ingredients like CBD, terpenes, and nutritional supplements (it’s not uncommon for producers to add vitamins and minerals to CBD products), there should be little else in the product. Some brands add some flavor and organic sweetener. Any other ingredients you don’t recognize are likely unhealthy additives.

How to Find and Use Quality CBD Oil Products

As you survey the host of products available, reliable CBD oil brands have a few things in common. They all maintain a staff of experts, and they also provide third party lab tests upon request along with strong customer reviews. 

Strength of Hope is committed to product quality and transparency. Our brand partners with CVS locations across the United States, and we also sell products through two local naturopathic doctors in Portland.

Oil Tinctures

The most popular CBD products are oils packaged in tinctures for easy measuring. You can ingest or apply the oil directly to parts of your body. Strength of Hope’s vanilla-flavored oil tincture allows you to place droplets beneath your tongue, in your drink, or on any part of your skin.

Like many CBD oil brands, we sell our oil tincture products in CBD volumes of 500mg, 1000mg, and 2500mg. Most customers adjust their dosage according to how well the products lower pain, decrease stress, or otherwise improve their overall health.

Topical Creams

The second-most popular CBD oil product is a topical cream. As the name implies, these creams allow you to rub the product directly on problem areas of the body, such as places with pain or above-average tension. 

These CBD oil compounds come as roll-on CBD cream products or containers of CBD balm. You can use these topical creams as directed by your doctor and packaging instructions.

Other CBD Oil Product Types

Many reputable CBD vendors create oil extract products in the form of edibles like desserts, drinks, and snacks. Some brands even sell CBD oil vape products. Lastly, you can find CBD oil patches that work similarly to topical creams.

Whichever products and brands you choose, remember to check the ingredients, as well as third party lab tests. Doing so will ensure that you receive only the highest-quality CBD products without unnecessary additives.

Final Thoughts About CBD Oil in Oregon

CBD oil Oregon brands are numerous, each offering plenty of products to choose from. While many are top quality, others are less so. But just because some CBD oil products are suspect doesn’t mean that there aren’t many great products out there.

By following our guide above, you’ll be able to spot the leading CBD products in Oregon and weed out the “imposters.” Above all, talk to your doctor and local homeopathic expert for guidance as you survey the field of CBD oil supplements.

Here at Strength of Hope, we are passionate about the benefits that quality CBD oil products provide for consumers. Thanks to our dedicated team of experts, we represent the best of what reliable CBD brands can do for Oregon residents.