The Effectiveness of Hemp Extract: Testimonials Rule!

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When you google Hemp Extract treatment for almost any inflammatory disease (arthritis, Crohn’s, fibromyalgia) or for anxiety and stress, you’ll find page after page of testimony about the effectiveness of Hemp Extract.

As a manufacturer of several Hemp Extract products, there is not a lot we are allowed to say about how well our products work. We are governed by the FDA regarding making any claims about the products effectiveness for treating “diseases” or "illnesses.”

Because Hemp until the end of last year was still considered a schedule 1 drug, in most cases research studies in the US were not allowed. The only major source for research was from foreign countries.

Hemp is a natural product, and and other cannabinoids can be extracted directly from the plant. Because it is considered generally safe, Hemp Extract products can be sold as a commodity, and not a drug.  Many major pharmaceutical companies, however, have an interest in making derived products into prescription drugs that they can market.

We disagree with the Pharma approach. After all, historically, throughout the world Hemp Extract has been utilized as a natural alternative to traditional treatments.

When we market Strength of Hope, you will not find any claims for disease treatment. In fact, we always include the FDA disclaimer that the FDA has not approved this product to treat or cure any disease.

Below we have compiled a few of the testimonials that customers have sent to us about their results and how they feel about the products they use. We do have to leave out any specific claims they may mention, thus any redacted fields you may see or [brackets] we have had to replace words with.

If you are wondering if Strength of Hope works, please read on!

Dear Makers of Strength of Hope,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know your products are a Godsend. I have struggled for years with a chemical imbalance dealing with _____________________, not to mention restless nights.

Since taking your products for a little over six weeks now I have experienced [discomfort] relief that [other treatments] did not achieve. I have been purchasing the one-ounce 1000 mg oil tincture and the mints.

It was recommended to me by one of your associates to take it twice a day and after about three weeks the results were amazing. My stress level is minimal and I now experience REM sleep. The mints are excellent too and I am looking forward to trying your other products in the future.

Thanks for all you are doing,

Doug H.

We decided to try the Strength of Hope cream because both Charlotte and I both [have discomfort] in our feet. My feet and toes ache and Charlotte’s ankles and feet are both sore. We put the cream on our feet and the [discomfort] stopped in about 30 minutes. Now we use it every day.

Thank you,

Buck C and Charlotte L

As a physician, I need to know that the products I utilize in my practice are not only effective, but also of high quality, before I feel comfortable recommending them at all.

I have tried other Hemp Extract products, both topical and oral and they have fallen flat. With research continuing to validate the efficacy of Hemp Extract in several different [ways], I continued to look for other suppliers.

After finding Strength of Hope products and utilizing it for just a few days, I noticed significant benefits, and most significantly a remarkable diminishment of [discomfort] levels.

I am happy to say that I have already begun recommending Strength of Hope Hemp Extract products to patients. I have found their topicals to be effective with both local muscle and joint [discomfort], and their oral product to be useful for a more whole-body effect.

Whether you have been long searching for a high-quality Hemp Extract product, or just begun, look no further—Strength of Hope is what you are looking for.

– Dr. Kryzia O., Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist

This summer I noticed that I was struggling with simple movements such as getting out of bed or from simply getting off the couch in the evenings. From witnessing my Grandmother and Mother over the years I knew it was a sure sign of some sort of ________ and was not going to get better.

After doing some research online I decided that Hemp Extract/hemp oil was going to be my best course of action to help get my [discomfort] under control and hopefully slow the progression of the _______.

Since starting to use Strength of Hope I have noticed a remarkable improvement to my mobility and decreased to non-existent [discomfort]. I am a true believer in the positive results I have found with your Hemp Extract/Hemp Oil, and plan on being a lifelong customer. It is exciting to know that my quality of life will be so much better than my Grandmother's and Mother's. I wish they would have had this resource available to them.

Janey S

Your Hemp Extract oil and cream/balm samples have made big improvements in my overall health and I wanted you to know.  I have tolerated other Hemp Extract oils for nearly a year with some results, but your product quality is superior and what I consider the ultimate in terms of taste and effectiveness.  I can enjoy (not just tolerate) using your Strength of Hope products because they taste good, are easy to apply -- and work with direct and positive affect.

With your new sublingual oil consumption and now cream/balm applications to my neck and shoulder, I’m for the first time in 50 years free of radiating... severe discomfort during the nights when I tried to sleep.  Thankfully, my sleep is no longer interrupted or prevented by any semblance of [discomfort].  What a difference this has made in my life and I’m so grateful.  I will continue to using Strength of Hope products every day.

Thank you so much for producing these wonderful Strength of Hope remedies.

Prent H.

Thank you to the many customers who send us their experiences with our products. And, if you are a customer of Strength of hope, please send us your thoughts about our products to [email protected]. We would love to hear from you!

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