The Truth About CBD for Psoriasis


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If you are amid a particularly uncomfortable flare-up, you may be desperate to find relief. Is cannabidiol (CBD) the answer? Here’s the truth about CBD for psoriasis. 

Itchy skin. Uncomfortable inflammation. Unsightly red, scaly patches. And yet another night spent canceling plans.

If you are one of 8 million Americans diagnosed with psoriasis, you know just how uncomfortable, disruptive, or plain embarrassing it is to live with. 

With headlines pointing to the healing power of cannabidiol (CBD) for everything from acne to cancer, it’s only natural to wonder: Does CBD oil work for psoriasis? There is a tremendous amount of discussion about the benefits of CBD and you may be asking if it could benefit your skin irritations and discomfort.

Certainly, more research is needed, but some results and reviews are promising. Here’s what we know about CBD for psoriasis. 

What is psoriasis?

When you hear “psoriasis,” you probably think of red, irritated skin. But the condition goes deeper than outer appearance. 

For more than 2-3% of the global population, living with psoriasis means struggling with self-confidence, scarring, itch, and even pain. Some patients also experience other health concerns, like psoriasis arthritis. 

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), psoriasis is an incurable, autoimmune disorder. It occurs when a person’s overactive immune system sends “false signals” that prompt skin cells to grow too quickly.

As a result, cells pile up on the skin. These visible patches can flare-up out of nowhere, anywhere on the body causing embarrassment and distress. 

Is CBD oil good for psoriasis?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 80+ chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. As the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp, CBD won’t get you high. Hemp contains almost no THC (less than 0.3%), which is why it is now legal in the United States

Cannabis holds dozens of these types of chemicals called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids work with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) that helps keep our body healthy. The ECS affects various areas of the body, including our brain, digestive system, and skin. 

The Research: CBD for psoriasis 

So is CBD good for psoriasis, or would CBD be good for psoriasis? Potentially, yes.

More research is needed, but some studies investigating CBD for eczema and psoriasis and clinical trials for CBD oil psoriasis are promising, though not conclusive. 

Let’s look at the research. 

  • Skin cell growth – Scaly patches and itchy redness are among the top complaints from patients with psoriasis. But a 2007 study suggests that cannabinoids could stop the buildup of skin cells. More recently, a 2019 study looks at the role of cannabinoids in dermatology. Specifically targeting the treatment of skin conditions like acne, atopic dermatitis, pain, pruritus, psoriasis, and skin cancer. 
  • Anti-inflammatory propertiesRecent research examines the role of the cannabinoid in the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions. Despite promising early results, further controlled human studies are required to establish a definitive position. 
  • Pain management – If your psoriasis progressed into psoriatic arthritis, you understand pain. Fortunately, there’s plenty of research over the last decade that looks at CBDs’ ability to manage pain. And many patients are testing the benefits of CBD for psoriasis. None-the-less, while many people are exulting the benefits of CBD, CBD has not been approved to diagnose, treat, or cure psoriasis by the FDA, as there remains insufficient clinical research to date.

How to take CBD for psoriasis

Although more research is needed to establish CBD for psoriasis, it’s a relatively safe, holistic approach to try at home. We always recommend you consult your health care professional before adding CBD to your regimen for psoriasis.  You may also have questions like, “How much CBD to take for psoriasis?” It’s difficult to determine exactly how many milligrams of CBD to use for psoriasis, as there have been no human trials testing it. In addition, every body is different and reacts differently.

When it comes to taking CBD orally, start small, like 5 or 10 mg. If you have no adverse effects, gradually increase it after a week to 20 or 30 mg until your symptoms are better. The right CBD dosage for psoriasis will vary from patient to patient. However, many people may take more CBD during a flare-up.

The changes may be subtle at first. If it helps, keep a notebook of your symptoms and the amount of CBD you’re taking. Taking notes will help you pinpoint the right CBD dosage for psoriasis relief!

Note: If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking any medications, it’s important to talk to your doctor to determine if CBD for psoriasis is right for you. The FDA does not currently recommend the use of CBD for pregnant and breastfeeding women. 

Choosing the right CBD products for psoriasis:

Is CBD cream good for psoriasis? CBD products for psoriasis come in a variety of delivery methods. One type of CBD may not be more beneficial than the other. 

However, a topical carrier like CBD salve for scalp psoriasis, CBD for scalp psoriasis, CBD cream for psoriasis, or CBD oil balm could be appropriate for limited disease or small flare-ups. 

Oral administration, like CBD hemp oil for psoriasis, may be more useful for debilitating symptoms or psoriasis that covers large areas of the body. It may be that a topical application combined with or administration of CBD Hemp Oil or CBD Mints could enhance the benefits.

Where to buy CBD oil and CBD cream for psoriasis

Finding the right place to buy CBD for psoriasis isn’t always easy. Follow these steps before making a purchase or updating your self-care routine: 

  1. Check the label. The manufacturer should list the amount of CBD per product on the label. 
  2. Buy the right CBD. Make sure that the product you’re purchasing is actually cannabidiol rather than hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil contains very little cannabinoids, like CBD, as the oil comes from the seeds instead of the plant.  
  3. Test it out. Before applying to large areas of the body, choose a test site, and check for irritant or allergic reactions. 
  4. Shop smart. Always look for reputable brands and sellers. Never be afraid to ask for the certificate of analysis. This certificate will state that a third-party vendor has tested the product.

The best CBD oil for psoriasis

If you suffer from psoriasis, you may be wondering what CBD oil is good for psoriasis and which CBD oil is best for psoriasis?

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When you need relief from your psoriasis symptoms, this is the best topical CBD oil for psoriasis and the best CBD cream for psoriasis for you to try. 

It is important to note that these products have not been approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. We recommend you consult with your health care professional before using any Hemp Extract products.

In Conclusion: Is CBD oil for psoriasis right for you?

There are many treatment options available for psoriasis, but keeping symptoms under control is an ongoing struggle. Living with psoriasis often requires perseverance and mindfulness to adhere to treatment protocols and the dogma of healthy living

More research is needed before the relationship between cannabis and CBD and psoriasis is fully understood. However, preliminary science investigating CBD for eczema and psoriasis shows promise. Many people try CBD for psoriasis to soothe their symptoms and have varying levels of success – and you could too!