What is Hemp?

Seed, Plant, and Oil

This past year, with the passing of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 Hemp Farming Act, hemp has received greater attention across the United States. This act effectively removed hemp from regulation under the Controlled Substance Act, as well as opened up more accessibility for farmers, depending on their state regulations, to grow hemp and produce a range of products for the market.

But what is hemp and why are so many people excited about it? Hemp is a member of the Magnoliopsida classification grown for its fiber, seeds and hull, as well as extraction for hemp oil. 

Hemp plants grow tall and dense, and these beautiful plants have a long history of use for many applications. For example, hemp fiber, made from the stalks, is often used in clothing and even carpet and is cherished for its tensile strength. In addition, hemp bast (fiber) is often used for products such as paper or even hemp concrete, and the seeds are used in a plethora of body care and supplemental products.

Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil (commonly mislabeled as Hemp Oil) do not contain hemp extract; however, the seeds are an excellent source of fiber, magnesium and protein.

Besides being useful for a number of applications, hemp is also asserted to be a sustainable and eco-friendly crop.

What is CBD?

Wellness and Health

CBD is the shortened term for the substance Cannabidiol, naturally occurring along with other phytocannabinoids in the hemp plant. Hemp Extract, made primarily from the leaves and flowers, is rich in CBD.

Hemp contains very low percentages of THC, meaning the oil extracted from hemp is non-psychoactive. Hemp extract (CBD) is purported to have a range of effects benefitting many wellness experiences, including reduction in daily stressors, muscle and joint tenderness and discomfort, and mental performance applications. Having said that, further research is needed to confirm the benefits of CBD in a more measured, scientific way, as well as to determine regulations for its use. Such studies have long been advancing globally and now are being conducted in the US.

All in all, CBD is quickly becoming a mainstream product for health and wellness.